Technician assembling gears in a mechanical workshop.

Transmission Replacement & Diagnosis


Comprehensive diagnosis and replacement of faulty transmissions, including fluid and filter changes, leak repairs, and more.
Car suspension repair in an auto shop.

Front End


Offering enhancements such as Synergy MFG steering upgrades, lift kits, EMF rebuildable ball joints, control arms, track bars, radius arm kits, and additional upgrades.
Mechanic inspecting vehicle brake rotor and caliper.

Brake System


Professional replacement of worn rotors, pads, calipers, and comprehensive brake drum rebuilds.
Car exhaust pipes emitting smoke.

Emissions systems


Specialized services including DPF replacement, control module replacement, DEF injector replacement, DEF heater replacement, and more.
Damaged car axle on a wooden surface in Belgrade MT

Driveline Maintenance

Expert driveline services including driveshaft rebuilds, U-joint replacements, axle shaft replacements, wheel bearing replacements, and differential fluid changes.

Technician adjusting fuel injection system in laboratory.

Fuel System Repairs

Comprehensive fuel system repairs, including injector and fuel pump replacements, filter changes, and system upgrades.

Close-up of vehicle suspension and shock absorber system in Belgrade MT

Suspension Repairs & Upgrades

Complete suspension services, including strut and spring replacements, shock replacements, and lift kits.

All Services

Turbocharger and tools on a workshop table in Belgrade MT

Power Adders

Professional installation of performance parts, including tuners, injectors, turbos, intercoolers, and intakes.

Welder working with bright sparks in a workshop in Belgrade MT

Specialty Fabrication

Custom welding services, including MIG, TIG, and aluminum welding, are tailored to your specific needs.

Close-up of a car engine. Belgrade MT

Engine Swaps

Full-service engine swaps, including new parts, fluids, filters, and thorough testing for optimal performance.